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This is a recording (from Zoom) of Rhona’s talk on March 26th as part of the BPPA seminar series.
To read an outline of the talk, see this blog post;
for more information on the recording and a link to the transcript, see this one.

Rhona will be speaking at 4pm (GMT) on March 26th 2021 as part of the British Postgraduate Philosophy Association’s seminar series.

She will be presenting part of her Masters research with a paper titled Infantilization, Dehumanization and Cognitive Disability.

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In December 2020, Rhona presented a work-in-progress paper titled Notes From The Lunatic Fringe: A Thought Experiment Talks Back as part of a workshop on intersectional philosophy organised by the Minorities & Philosophy Chapter at University College Dublin (Ireland).

A recording of the talk (closed captions; English) is now available here – the original abstract can be viewed here.

Other speakers at the event were: Kelly Louise Rexzy Agra (UCD/University of the Philippines Baguio); Carlos Malache (ENS Paris); Clémence Saintemarie (UCD).